Freitag, 2. Februar 2007

do blogs trouble the press?

Surprising! The press itself is coming and VIP are saying, that no more journalist in modern web 2.0 times are necessary because of the mass of bloggers and videotubers, which at everey time and every place in the world are better able to describe and comment what is happening. Why this ugly friendship? Don't they fear for their own jobs? I can't believe this. What about this: the professional journalist are nowadays happy because the mass of inexpensive and easy to retrieve fresh information is immense. There expertise in writing and speaking is still important and needed. If you compare a professional produced broadcast or podcast by a radio station with one of an unprofessional you will know what I mean. I have tested more than once: most podcasts are boring. They are bad produced and the quantity of information, new and interesting, is very limited. So: back to the professionals but without willing to pay, don't we?

On the other side: the editors can save lots of money. They can collect those contents they think they are of general interest. They can put them together in an professional way and they can deliver them on their channels. for them it is also very helpful to use the easy ways of feedback by blog so they can refine their offering. A private editor or blogger looks at the comments he gets as a warship to his opinion. But thats not true. And an editor knows that best. they like to have the attention. And they can combine that with paid content. but not paid by the recipient but by those interest groups which exactly target those reader and hearers. It should be not to much but a little bit is fine and with a good analytical CRM you can do it easy.