Montag, 12. Februar 2007

un- sexy analytical intelligence :-P

Why has CRM got this tremendous importance over the last few years? You don't believe? I should point out in more deep, hmm, may be next time.

Some say, that in times where the competitor is only a mouseclick away you have to use special technics to avoid this mouseclick.
That implies that these people really think that this could work: Introduce our CRM Software and zac - the customer stays with us.

That easy? Of course: it is better to do something to retain the customer than to say, that every action could be copied by your competitor - but that's the truth!

So: stop all activities and look first at your competitors.

If you those things, which are already implemented learn from the failures and don't try to be the best follower because you always will be the follower and not the original.

If you have an idea and no one of your competitors does it already: that might be a chance to be ahead in customer retention. And tell everybody not only your customers as soon as possible (or pauseable?) because:
immediatley after you have the first successes everybody will try to do the same and copy you. So it does not help to be discrete in conrete. (Don't take this to serious: my english is bad and gaming with words a typical german mistake).